Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inaugral Post:

A Psychiatrist's Delight.

Name: Shri. Malayali Monkey

Spouse: Smt. Malayali Manga

Children: Two Only

Educational Qualification: Post Graduate, No Qualification.

Presently Employed: Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No.

Do you Smoke? - Now and then.

What do you mean? - First Now after some time then!

Do you Drink Alcohol? - Occassionally.

Explain Occassionally? About 6 days in a week.

How much do you drink a day? About 6 drinks.

What do you Drink? - Rum - 3 -90ml, 2 - 60ml and 1-30ml.

Do you have extra marital sex?
Try weakly but no extra.

What are your political leanings?
No I am straight, but once I lean left and next time I lean right!

Are you sure you didn't mix up the last two questions?

Since this blog is about the mindset of people like yourself and how it is flushing this state down the loo, I have to do a SWOT analysis, Will you please answer the following questions briefly?
What do you consider is the great strength of people like yourself, that can contribute to the development of the State?

People like me are very strong and rare. From school itself we have been organising against powerful people who rule us. We like all of us to be rich and well off but society will not allow it. Distribution of wealth is more important than creation of it! The rich are robbing from the poor who have no money!

Come Again?
I have already come, why should I come again?

Forget it! So what exactly is your strength here?
We can organise people who have nothing so that we can we can make sure the rich people don't take away anything from them!!

Ok Dokeey! Next question - What do you think your weaknesses are?
We have no weakness! But the Imperialists.the capitalists and the not so red are trying to create weakness amongst us. But we are so strong that we can overcome their malicious efforts. There might be some weakness among us like money,drink,sex and a thirst for the good life. But that is only Human!!

Understandable! Next question - What do you think are the opportunities in the state with people like you?
The biggest opportunities in the state are offered by the millions of educated people like me who can organise people and workers into a mighty force. It is only when you depend on the english speaking,computer literate upper class you miss opportunities.We are all products of a universal education programme and we should insist only those Investors who are willing to employ our youth educated through SSLC syllabus and Government run colleges in Malayalam medium need to come here. Then we would be able to fight Globalisation, Privatisation and Corporate hegemony by creating more opportunities within our state.

You mean you want the State to address the people at the bottom of the pyramid?

No! At the bottom of the pyramid there are only dead people, Pharoes I think?

You do get to the root of the issue very easily don't you? Next question - What do you think are the threats to our State?

The threat is everywhere. Global Trade, Disinvestment,High prices,Education reform and the wasteful ID Card project. This government is destroying the Kerala Model. The threat comes from both the Center and the State Governments. If they want accountability,performance, transparency in public sevice they are trying to mimic the corporate ethics. Democracy is not about that! The true democracy should be the Corpoate sector trying to mimic the Government.

You know, when your wife asked me to grant you an appointment, I thought a routine consult and a cake walk. To be honest with you let me confess I have never met another person who looks at life through the wrong hole in the body! I pray the readers of this blog retrofit their vision to yours! Thanks a lot, we'll meet again often! And in parting let me say you have set the bar very high!!

Thank you Sir, We must meet there sometime. The Bar is not so high, Just two steps from the Main Road.


  1. Hey Popsie..

    Welcome to the blogosphere or blog ville as some of us call it...

    This is definitely a strong start..May the show begin! *tadaa*


  2. Pappa ji!!

    Nice write up !!

    keep it coming..! g'luck with the blog!